The Ride – 2017

The 2017 Dirty Sellwood is SOLD OUT! Missed registration? Better save your pennies for next year.

The 5th annual Dirty Sellwood ride is on Sunday August 27th, this year covering 100 miles from Portland to Cape Lookout State Park on the coast. We’ll pass through Carlton, then cross the coast range on Nestucca River Road, a classic route with climbing, gravel, and minimal auto traffic.

At Cape Lookout we have a picnic shelter reserved for the POINT BREAK themed after party, food and beer provided. But it’s not really “after”, because we’ve also reserved an oceanfront group campsite and some smaller tent sites. We’ll be riding back to Portland the next day, reversing some of the route but adding a few options. Transportation for camping gear provided in both directions.

Here’s a bunch of information you should probably know before you come on our bike ride on Sunday (and Monday). Please read all of it, even the boring parts…

Day 1 Sunday 8/27 – Minimum tire 25c

  • nearly 60 riders signed up
  • Start time: 9AM
  • SCR to Carlton 41mi, lunch in Carlton, Carlton to Cape Lookout 59mi
  • Note: There is limited cell service on parts of Nestucca River Rd. Otherwise good along route.

Day 2 Monday 8/28

  • 18 riders signed up – plan for a mandatory pre-ride briefing
  • Monday AM about the route and options.
  • Start time: 9AM
  • Base ride – Minimum tire 25c
  • Cape Lookout to SCR direct 98.6mi, 6758′
  • w/ Options – Minimum tire 28c
  • CL to SCR with all 3 options 103.6mi, 8682′
  •  (note: blue lines are the optional sections)

*Please download these routes to your phone or Garmin if you have that capability. Also, there is an event page and if you download the RWGPS app you can get turn by turn directions from your phone. We will print and provide cue sheets on the day of the ride.

Things you should bring:

  • Bike – road or cross bikes OK. Recommended tire 25c+ due to short sections of good gravel. The base route is 94% pavement, 6% gravel. The return ride will offer several options where a minimum width of 28c is recommended due to chunkier gravel.
  • Helmet (required)
  • Water bottles (2 recommended). We’ll have extra water in vehicles on route and there are lots of campgrounds w/ water on Nestucca River Rd.
  • Your preferred riding snacks. Some additional items available in support vehicles
  • At least one good tube & pump
  • Money/credit card for lunch stop in Carlton

We will transport a bag (preferably just one per rider, labeled with your name, hometown (e.g. PDX or HR), and phone #). Things you might want to bring:

  • Change of clothes, shoes
  • Camping gear & shelter (no camping allowed in picnic shelter)
  • Toiletries (soap, shampoo, sunscreen, etc.)
  • Towel etc. (shower facilities available)
  • Bike lock (optional). We don’t know exactly what the bike parking situation will be.


  • We’ll stop at Farmer’s Plate and Pantry on the outbound ride. They’re making pizzas up just for us and selling it by the slice. If that doesn’t meet your needs, you can order what you like from their menu. They are being extra accommodating with our huge group, so let’s keep our impact to a minimum. Consider taking your food to the park across the street – probably better bike parking there than on sidewalk.
  • Sunday dinner: Doug from Samurai Lunchbox cart in Sellwood-Moreland will be catering. He’ll have pulled pork, shoyu chicken, and grilled tempeh and salads. He’s driving out and totally hooking us up, so if he has a tip jar out, please be generous. And visit his cart. There will also be lots of beer and some sodas etc.
  • Stumptown coffee, Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal, bananas on the beach, Monday AM
  • Monday ride, lunch stop on your own in Carlton – Farmer’s Plate or the deli in the market across the street.

Upon arrival at Cape Lookout State Park:

  • Vehicles – be prepared to pay for parking
  • If you or your guests arrive early, you probably will want to head to Picnic Shelter SHE1. Our group site is CAM25B.
  • Camping:
  • we’re allowed 25 people in the group site (we have one) and 8 per tent site (we have 2).
  • when setting up tents, please be efficient with the space available.
  • tent sharing is encouraged and fun
  • We have to take our trash to the compactor near registration. Recycling available there too. Don’t overload the park trashcans.

Return transportation:

  • This is the most difficult part of this whole adventure. If you plans change, even day of the event, please be sure to let Pace know ASAP. or 503.415.1885
  • We’ll be transporting folks back to Portland on Sunday and Monday in multiple smaller vehicles. The first vehicle needs to leave at 9 to get folks to the shop at 11.
  • Best to pack all your gear and be ready to go by 8:45AM.
  • Be sure to take your bag with you in your vehicle. The Kona van will not return to SCR until late afternoon.
  • Your bike may or may not travel on the same vehicle with you. We’ll need for you to label your bike with your name, hometown, and phone #. If you are from Portland and have the flexibility to pick up your bike at SCR later in the day/week, please let us know when we’re loading the Kona van. Mitchell will leave EARLY on Monday AM and take a load of bikes directly to DF in Hood River.

Parking at Sellwood Cycle Repair, 7953 SE 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97202

  • The spaces around the shop and on 13th are mostly one hour – OK for Sunday but not recommended if parking overnight. Park down the block along Miller or 12th.
  • Don’t leave anything visible in your car if possible. Lots of car prowls in the neighborhood.
  • Don’t leave anything in the shop. It is closed on Mondays and logistically very difficult to provide access. Exception: if you are riding back, you’ll be able to come in, collect your bag, and change.

That’s it, see you all on Sunday!